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  • Scranton Educational Article of the Month - What if a bat got inside my house

What if a bat got inside my house

What if a bat got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc

When the bat is found in your Scranton home, like in a living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen, you should know what to do so that you can make it to go out.

First try to make the Scranton bat to be in a small place like near the door or the window and then open the window or the doors. There is a chance that the bat may choose to fly out. When it does not want to fly out, you should wait for sometime while watching it and wait when it lands. You may drape the cloth or the towel over it and wrap it and take it outside to let it go. You may also use the plastic container on the Scranton bat when it has landed and you can use a sheet of paper between the wall floor or the plastic and to take the bat out. You should not try to get the bat while on its wing by the use of the tennis racket or the net. This may be too difficult and you may injure the Scranton bat or it may result for you to get attacked. You should wait until it is able to land.

However, if it is the colony of the bats that entered into the Pennsylvania house, it can be totally a different matter. If there are bats in your Scranton home, you may consider to get it out on your own, however, the best thing is to get the company and professional help instead.

Among the first things that you may have to figure out is the level of the pests you have. Sometime it may not be even a bat but another pest. You should start by getting to learn about the tare tales that say that you have bat problems. You may consider small entering in the Scranton home and see if there is the staining caused by the bats trying to enter into your home. You should also look for the poop since the bat poop is distinct from other types of poop since it has the remaining of the insects in it. The Pennsylvania bats may enter into your home using the holes that are less than an inch square, now you understand why you need expert to make sure that you do not miss anything.

Normally, you will have to seal such gaps. You have to close all the holes that you can find but you should leave only the main one. This is to encourage the Scranton bats to go out. At night when they have gone out to feed, you should also seal the remaining hole. This will prevent them against entering into the Scranton home once again. It will take time to be able to get rid of the bats completely.

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