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  • Scranton Educational Article of the Month - Should I ever poison a groundhog?

Should I ever poison a groundhog?

Should I ever poison a groundhog?

If you want to kill the groundhogs, you should learn about the options you have and the alternatives before you decide. There are many people who do not recommend the use of the poison when it comes to deal with the groundhogs and they choose to call a Pennsylvania professional to help them out. When an animal is killed using the poison, it will inflict great suffering to it and the Scranton groundhog can die in a slowly way through the suffocation, internal breeding and other painful things that are related to the poison and it can take some days for the poison to work.

Using the poison is not something effective since the legal poisons that are available at the Scranton market are meant to kill the mice and the rats but not the woodchucks. The substances that can be toxic to the Pennsylvania groundhogs, they may also be toxic to the humans or even other animals. The pets may eat the poisons and it may impact on the human health. When the ground hogs die, they can be around the yard, they can smell bad and they may decay under the ground and this will attract even more Scranton pests. The cleanup after using the poison may be time consuming and it can be dangerous. So far as the wild animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at Pennsylvania home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons.

Fumigating is also another way of using the carbon monoxide to kill the Scranton groundhogs. The gas cartridge can be found in the local stores. To use the cartridge, you should locate the burrow and cut the sod larger than opening of every opening and place it near every entrance. Kneel down and light the gas cartridge making sure that you pushed it as far as you can in the burrow. When you have place the cartridge, close it putting the precut sod you had and the grass should be down to the opening. You should make the tight seal using the loose soil. You should wait for some minutes to watch where the smoke may be escaping and close such entrance. When other entrances do not have the smoke after the treatment, they have to be treated on their turn. All the burrows should be treated to ensure that all groundhogs are killed.

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