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  • Scranton Educational Article of the Month - What property modifications will keep down pigeon populations

What property modifications will keep down pigeon populations

What property modifications will keep down pigeon populations

In order to keep way the population of pigeons from your Pennsylvania property, there are certain property modifications you need to implement. Pigeon population increase around your vicinity can lead to an increase in property damage rates, and the most important step you should take is to prevent roosting. here are some of the best anti-pigeon modifications you can make on your Scranton property:

- Anti-roosting spikes
Anti-roosting spike strips can be attached to just any place around your property, most especially areas where pigeons start roosting, these include; the roof, window lintels and even chimney tops. Make sure you attach the spikes as directed by the manufacturer. Spikes have sharp edges that prevent pigeons from landing or playing around holes, crevice and even surfaces around your house. Place them on railings and they will make such places more uncomfortable for pigeons to land or stay.

- Make use of sticky substances on your roof.
The use of sticky substances on the roof such as sprays can also make property surfaces such as roofs become uncomfortable for pigeons to land. These sprays have glue substances that stick to the feet of Scranton pigeons whenever they land on it. You can get these sticky items from animal control centers.

- Make use of tied , weather-proof strings
When you discover areas where Scranton pigeons tend to land and roost , then make sure you tie strings made of metal around such places so that there will be no sufficient amount of space for the birds to land.

- Trim down tree branches
Pigeons can use trees to gain access to properties, most especially when tree branches are very close to house roofs. For this reason, it is important that you cut down extensive tree branches frequently to prevent pigeons from gaining access through them. Make sure all drainages are clear of water and waste materials to discourage pigeons from poaching around.

- Seal edges and Fill up large openings around the doors and windows with heavy large curtains
Doors and windows often provide some spaces for Scranton pigeons to access the inner region of properties, thus you must ensure that attic vents are screened to prevent pigeons from getting inside. Make use of hardware cloth and silicon caulk and nettings to seal up edges providing spaces for Pennsylvania pigeons to access a property.

- Create sloppy surfaces on roofs and window lintels
Sloppy surfaces make life difficult for Scranton pigeons because of the unbalance nature of such surfaces.

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